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Resources for studying Kabbalah in the original language

Zohar on the Web

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The Zohar is truly spreading through the world, and there are more and more resources available on line. Judy Barrett has compiled a “Best of the Web” list with hundreds of links to texts and videos for the study of Zohar and Kabbalah. We’ve added it to the resources section of this site, “To Learn More.”

The key to the Zohar is its language, the reason this site exists. Judy Barrett has compiled a concise summary of the grammar of the Zohar’s Aramaic, and we’ve added it to this site here and here.

As always, we welcome messages from everyone who visits this site. You can email webmaster Justin Jaron Lewis at JustinJaron.Lewis “at” Most of the content of this site comes from the scholarship and hard work of Judy Barrett, whose contact information is here.

Author: baryohai

Judy Barrett, independent scholar, is working on a practical dictionary of the Aramaic language of the Zohar and other resources for students, with the support of Justin Jaron Lewis, University of Manitoba. (Shim'on Bar Yohai is the legendary author of the Zohar.)

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