The Aramaic Language of the Zohar

Resources for studying Kabbalah in the original language

Grammar II

These files on the grammar of the Zohar’s Aramaic are original content of this website, copyright 2020 by the author, Judy Barrett. They are work in progress, subject to revision.

Feel free to download and use these pdf files for your study. Let us know if you find them useful; if you spot errors or have questions, please contact us.

Overview of Grammar

Here is a concise yet thorough summary of the grammar of the Zohar, beginning with the letters and vowels and building from there: Concise Introductory Grammar. The other files here take things a bit at a time.

Grammar II: Verbs
Verbs are the moving life blood of Aramaic and other Semitic languages. The files below include an overall introduction, an explanation of the binyanim or conjugations (patterns affecting meaning), and a selection of paradigms (examples of verb in all their forms).

I. Overview of Verbs

II. Conjugations/Binyanim

III Paradigms:  Introduction

Paradigms: Strong Verbs

Peh-Nun Verbs

Ayin-Alef Verbs

Peh-Yod Verbs

Peh-Alef Verbs

Lamed-Yod Verbs

Hollow-Medial Vav Verbs 

Irregular Verbs

Further Study

Twelve Lessons in the Grammatical and Syntactic Analysis of the Zohar, by Judy Barrett. This is a kind of second-year textbook in Zoharic Aramaic.