The Aramaic Language of the Zohar

Resources for studying Kabbalah in the original language

To Learn More

Internet resources for studying the Zohar in the original. If you have found others helpful please let us know about them.

Best of the Web for the Zohar

Articles by Judy Barrett

Judy Barrett is the author of most of the material on this website. Here is a page of her academic writing and translations, including several articles on the Zohar:

The Zohar in Aramaic

Aramaic Text of the Zohar: Daniel Matt’s Critical Edition in pdf files

Digitized view of a manuscript of the Zohar from the 1400s, later owned by Shabbetai Tzvi, Thomas Fisher Rare Book Room, University of Toronto – source of the header and background images on this website

Aramaic-English Dictionaries

Daniel Matt’s Glossary of the Zohar: A selection of key words and unusual words from the Zohar in transliteration (rather than Aramaic letters) with English translation and comments.

On line edition of Marcus Jastrow’s classic Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic  Literature.

Hebrew Lexicons of Words in the Zohar

Baer, Issachar. Imrei Binah (Prague: 1611)

Hagahot/Marginal Comments. Derekh Emet, manuscript. (Venice: 1662)

Isaiah ben Eli’ezer Hayyim Nizza. Yesha Yah. (Venice: 1637)

Liebes, Yehuda.  Perakim be-Millon Sefer ha-Zohar [Chapters in the Lexicon of the Zohar] (Jerusalem: 1977)

Lonzano, Menahem ben Judah de. Ma’arikh. (Leipzig: 1883)

Luria, David. ”Ve-Ye’esof David.” Addendum to Qadmut Sefer ha-Zohar by David Luria (Warsaw: 1887), pages 76-85.

”Miktzat Millot Zarot she-be-Sefer ha-Zohar.” [Foreign Words in the Zohar]. Reprinted in Qevutzat Hakhamim(Vienna: 1861), pages 92-97.

Scholem Card Index/Catalog by Gershom Scholem.This is a resource for the serious researcher: Digital reproductions of approximately 5,800 index cards in the handwriting of the great academic scholar of Kabbalah, Gershom Scholem, listing words and examples of their usage in all 5 volumes of the Zohar. The cards often contain a Hebrew translation and notes on the usage of the word in the Bible, rabbinic literature, and kabbalistic works, especially the writings of Moses de Leon. The cards are searchable alphabetically (e.g., all of the alef cards, all of the bet cards) and, within their initial letter, by groups of ten. The card size may be enlarged by right clicking. At present there is no index of the words and no way to search for individual words. Note that some terms may not be found in Matt’s critical text due to ms. variations. The content of this collection is described by Yehudah Liebes at this link.

Grammar of the Zohar

English translation  of Ch.1-3 by Jeff Berry of Menahem Kaddari. Dikduk ha-lashon ha-Aramit shel ha-Zohar.  (Jerusalem: 1971)

2 thoughts on “To Learn More

  1. Dear Sir,
    we are interested in studying “Daniel Matt’s Zohar Glossary” from your side.
    But when we try to download the file
    we get following error message:
    Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.

    It would be great if we could get the Glossary as PDF-File.

    Thanks for your support

    Best Regards


    • Dear Max, apologies; we have been busy and have not checked the links for some time. I believe Daniel Matt’s glossary has been removed from the internet by his publishers. I think you will find the other material on this site very useful. Please let us know if you need assistance using the material posted here. Thank you for your interest in studying the Zohar!


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